Can You Be Fit AFTER 50?

Is possible to be fit at 50? YOU BET!

Back in November of 2013 I challenged three people who were over 50 to get into the best shape of their lives. At this point, one has lost over 34 pounds. The other two have lost over 19. This has been all done in 11 weeks! Simply amazing. Overcoming their “age” as an excuse they have elevated the bar for what being over 50 is all about.

Let me tell you a little about one of these challengers and drive home why YOU can do this yourself. A woman in my November 2013 challenge group shattered her leg only a few years back. She was told that she would not be likely to have sufficient strength in her leg again. They placed a metal rod her in leg and many screws in order to fix her leg. She was nervous at first and a little resistant to the idea. Her husband began the program and to be supportive, she did the program along side him. She modified, and so did he, to the best of their ability. They are still on their journey and still successful each and every week we have our STATurday updates. Since they started, with their dedication to Shaun T’s Focus T25 and their daily serving of Shakeology, they have had energy they never thought was possible at their age. After starting the program, their two good friends came to visit and saw the dramatic changes in their appearance, energy, and attitudes. This inspired them to begin a journey of their own.

Another one of the challengers, who is also over 50, began the program alone. Her husband was supportive, but was not interested in joining in on the program yet. She pushed through daily, modifying the moves, and doing her best with her nutrition plan. Her healthy habits were helpful in inspiring her husband to eat better as well. She did not let her age define her and she is inspired to live a life of health to honor her late mother. Her hard work and dedication has now inspired her husband to join when she started Focus T25 over for the second round of 10 weeks. Her energy, and dedication has been such an inspiration for people to follow.

Due to the success of these three, the people they have inspired, also all in their 50’s, have lost a combined total over 21 pounds. How far are they in to their programs? 1 week! ‪It is contagious and success is within reach.

So what does this mean? This means that six people over the age of 50 have lost a total of 94.2 pounds to the date of this article. They have found energy beyond their expectations. They have found a new way to eat healthy. They have rediscovered freedom in a life which they thought was defined by the number assigned to them by their birth certificate. Let this be a lesson, an inspiration, a challenge to you. Live outside your age. You are who you let yourself be. You can be a victim or a survivor. You choose your own destiny.