Focus T25

Amazing results using 25 minute workouts!

Shaun T has done it. He has created the opportunity for anyone and everyone to work out. He has taken all that he learned from the Insanity series and compacted it into a 25 minute workout. From moment you hit Play, until he yells the word TIME, you will be working your body in ways you never thought you could in just 25 minutes. In less than a TV sitcom you will burn calories at an amazing rate. It does not matter if you are old, young, fit, overweight, out of shape, or whatever excuse you may have, Focus T25 can be done by anyone. Tania, whom some may know as “The Machine” from Insanity, is back again in Focus T25. This time however, she is not the one whom you drool over doing every movement to the extreme with endless energy. Now, she is the one you will be focusing on if you need to modify the moves. If you require low impact moves, she is your person to follow. In my Challenge Groups I have had men and women from their mid 20’s, all the way to their late 50’s shed pounds and inches that they never thought was possible because they could begin by modifying the moves and working their way to the higher impact moves.

If you are unable to do the moves, and have to spend most of the time doing the modified, you can still get the best results possible. You WILL get better as long as YOU do YOUR BEST. That is the key to success with T25. With Focus T25’s simple Nutrition Guide, Quick Start Guide, resistance bands, Alpha/Beta DVD’s, and my coaching that is available with the purchase of a challenge pack through me, you will have everything you will need to succeed. With my personal experience with the program, mixed with the experience of numerous challengers completing the program under my coaching, I have learned a lot as well as run into most situations that can “hold someone back”. I know how to get through those issues you may have, how to keep you motivated, and how to get you the results you desire. In my PRIVATE Facebook group I provide my challengers with motivation, tips, tricks, recipes, and various other tools to succeed.

So what kind of person would like Focus T25? This program has a great feeling behind it. The workouts are rhythm based and the music is designed to keep you focused and on track. From speed movements, core work, and resistance based training, you will work every inch of your body. The first 5 weeks, Alpha will create a great base for ANY person of ANY fitness level. The next 5 week phase, Beta, will help you take what you learned in Alpha and build upon that. You will also be introduced to weights or resistance bands in Beta to help you strength and tone your muscles. So are you ready to take the next step? Ready to become the fittest you have ever been? Contact me via this page, or through Facebook, and let’s begin building your dream body together.


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