Insane results in 60 days!

Insanity is an amazing workout. From the moment you press play, until the moment Shaun T tells us we are done, you will get a full body workout. Insanity not only helped me lose weight, it helped me become a better athlete. I played softball for the church that my wife and I are members of. The first season, before I began my fitness journey with P90X, I was out of shape and pulling my hamstring on a regular basis. I was not able to run like I used to when I was younger. After my wife and I finished a few rounds of P90X we tried Insanity. In that time I turned myself into a machine. The interval training in Insanity not only helped me tone up, it increase my cardiovascular strength. I was jumping higher, running faster, and running longer. I was able to keep up with people almost half my age. At one point in this process I was able to apply for a position that required a fitness test. Due to P90X and Insanity I was able to not only meet the entry requirements to the test, I blew them away. I surpassed my requirements so much that I hit the graduation requirements in ALL of my categories for the 30-39 age group. To make my results even more impressive, I also beat the graduation requirements for the 20-29 age group. For the running portion of the test, a group of guys at the test asked me how old I was, I informed them I was in the 30-39 bracket. After being told I was in the “older” group, they said, “Oh, never mind, better not follow you, we will fail.” ┬áNeedless to say, thanks to Insanity for the cardiovascular strength I was able to beat every single one of them. Some of them were even 10 years younger than I was. No matter what you are trying to achieve, Insanity is a tool to success.

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