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You are ready for a change, that is why you are here. Now the next question is, why should I coach you? Simply enough I can deliver the results. Men and women in my challenge group are shedding pounds, achieving results, and feeling stronger, healthier, and more youthful than they have in years. What I offer is accountability, knowledge, expertise, and the tools needed to succeed. Through out the process, you will have access to a PRIVATE group where I can provide you with the information you need.

Everyone has different needs, goals, and motivations. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or get ripped, EVERY goal is achievable. Knowing your needs and wants, I am able to coach you using the program best fit for your needs.  I can then provide you with the motivation and accountability to achieve those goals. Most people start the process to a healthier, fitter, lifestyle. Almost all of them never finish the process. This is where I come in, you want the change, I make sure you achieve the change and your goals. I become your personal coach, cheerleader, friend, motivator, and supporter.

I assume I am like everyone else when saying this, but I hate throwing money away. When I first started I was worried I was going to waste my money. That is a normal concern. However, that was and is the best purchase I have ever made. I invested and my health and it has been SO rewarding. It is the best investment ANYONE can make. You may think that the new you is so far away, but it is actually a lot closer than you may think. Each and every challenger signs up through me personally via Facebook or through my online store which can be found at my Independent Team Beachbody Page: Coach Grolley

My coaching is free,  the only purchase requirement is a Challenge Pack. This includes:

1. The entire workout program on DVD. This is what you will use for the challenge and well beyond.

2. A nutrition plan to help you fuel your body and create your dream results.

3. A personal phone call to help jump start your progress.

4. My coaching, all the way to your goals

5. 24/7 accountability with your team, Team TCB, which all happens in a private Facebook group.

6. Recipes to BURN FAT

7. 30 days of Shakeology, THE healthiest meal of your day. Shakeology is full of so many healthy benefits. It accelerates results by increasing your energy and stamina, reducing your cravings, promoting weight loss, healthy digestion, and regularity.

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